5: Full Booking to Partnership

If the service user is going to return for Partnership work a system exists whereby they can leave the Choice appointment with a booked Partnership appointment with the selected clinician/s. This requires a Partnership diary and no internal waiting list.

Why have full booking?

Well, full booking extends your capacity by moving clients into anticipated capacity (planned Core Partnership appointments), rather than waiting for capacity to appear. This improves your flow.

In traditional CAMHS an appointment is offered when the clinician has a space. But this usually involves a delay between the clinician deciding they have space and the actual appointment. The capacity in between is lost.

To implement Full Booking to Partnership you need a clinic diary system of blank Core Partner- ship appointments available to fully book into. This needs team and individual job planning to be done.

What happens if you don’t use full booking?

You will be lose some capacity and are likely to develop inte