13. Activity Standards

Does everyone in the team know how many cases they should be seeing?

Have you agreed activity levels as a team?

Are activity levels tailored to individual job plans?

This is about knowing how much you should do


Establishing appropriate activity for all staff- including your admin and manager- ensures that no-one works too hard but that everyone works as they should. Flow is also smoothed by reducing variability in activity and therefore maximises existing capacity.

Ideas for Action

  • Use national or local/benchmarked activity standards or agree your own.

This item will also help you with

Flow Management

14. Monitor Activity

Does someone routinely collect activity for each team member and the whole team?

Is that activity reported to each clinician and their supervisor?

Is an individual's activity (cases, contacts, indirect work etc) routinely discussed in supervision?

Can staff revise their expected activity in light of an altered job plan?

Are you doing what you think you are doing?


Without monitoring you don’t know what’s actually happening nor do you set any expectation that staff need to work to the standards. You also don’t know if staff are working too hard!

Ideas for Action

  • Decide on a quarterly process
  • In which meetings?
  • Audit regularly
  • Review with supervisor or team.