16. Manage variation in closing cases

Do you regularly discuss closing cases in team and individual supervision?

Do you discuss how to involve other agencies if you have not already done so?

Does your team have a common view on the amount of change needed before you discharge children and families?

What system is in place in the team to remember to review cases?

How does your team involve families and young people and other agencies in the review?

Does your team actively discuss with every family the time when they will no longer come to the service, right from the start of contact?

Have an agreed approach to discharge


In CAMHS the way we close cases is often well described in terms of administrative processes but poorly explained clinically. Yet we know that working towards ending treatment is therapeutic, increases the sense of control and competence for the family and reduces dependency. Having a systematic approach to closing cases will help you extend your capacity.

Ideas for Action

  • Plan ending contact with family at the start of contact.
  • Agree a set number of sessions or ending date, reviewed regularly using care plans and reviews.
  • Have a trigger system to remind you and family to review and to end.
  • Involve other agencies, including the referrer, early to ensure appropriate and timely follow up

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