6. Full Booking

Are families who are referred and accepted into your service invited to contact you to book an appointment, without going onto a waiting list first?

Do you offer a choice of two appointments on different days and at different times?

Do you have a system for vulnerable families who may not be able to contact you to book in?

After the first appointment, do you have a booking system that allows you to arrange another (if needed) at that first appointment, even if it is for a different clinician?

Can you guarantee the family will have to wait no more than 6 weeks (and ideally no more than 4 weeks) between routine first and second appointments ?

Offering the family a choice of appointments as they are referred


Full booking means offering families the choice of two appointments when they contact you to book an appointment. Full booking to PArtnership after the first appointment ensures the Added Bonus of user choice, smoothes flow and avoids a treatment waiting list. Ensure that you have enough appointments to fully book in line with your demand.

Remember that you will not need the same number of Partnership appointments as Choice appointments as some families will only choose to come once, some may choose another service after seeing you and some may never engage. Our experience shows that up to 30% of all your referrals may never require allocation to Partnership.

Ideas for Action

  • Move to full booking for Choice (first appointments) as soon as you can.
  • Avoid creating a treatment waiting list by booking the Partnership or Choice plus at the Choice.
  • First and second appointments should not be more than 6 weeks apart, ideally 3 to 4 for routine problems.