35. Staff Job plans and Annual Appraisal

Does everyone's job plan include admin time and CPD?

Are all job plans reviewed by the management team to see if they are fair across the team?

Do job plans have enough development time?

Is a record kept of when everyone's appraisals is due?

Do individual development plans link with team/service development needs?

Have you got yours? Has everyone?


A plan allows calculation of capacity and protects staff from overwork and reduces variation in activity. They ensure the correct balance of clinical and non-clinical work. It also allows an explicit discussion of the various clinical tasks. An annual appraisal allows staff to have a development plan and to review job plans.

Ideas for Action

  • Ensure all plans allow for clinical time, admin time, CPD etc.
  • Use standard formats but be flexible to needs.
  • Have a monitored system of annual appraisal.
  • Provide appraisal training as required.