Look After Staff

Working together helps the work…


This is the last Habit but by no means the least! Without staff you have no service. Unhappy, stressed and demoralised staff cannot help young people and families. They cannot be creative and curious about what they do. They cannot change and be flexible in a fast moving world. A well-motivated group with high morale is the bedrock of an effective service. Don’t forget admin staff and managers! One of the best ways to help staff is to have an effective service that isn’t stressed and oppressed by the waiting list. Implementing all the previous Habits will help staff but these are some tasks that directly address their needs.


Implementing this Habit will also help you with the following High Impact Changes for Mental Health as well as with others of the 7 HELPFUL Habits:

  • Extend Capacity
  • Process map and Redesign

All are suitable for inpatient and outpatient services