Process Map"

Understand what you do…


This section is about knowledge. Without knowledge there is no understanding, formulation or ‘diagnosis’ and without these you can’t sort things out. So learn about what you do and find out what solutions others have come up with.

Process mapping is good for looking in detail at what we do. We make lots of assumptions; yet when you look closely, you may discover unnecessary delays, duplicate processes and unnecessary steps. Process mapping allows you to identify bottlenecks and the reason for them. It allows you to change things and evaluate the effect.

Think about how a user would experience your service. We become so familiar with our processes that it sometimes takes a newcomer to express curiosity about how we get something done. Sometimes our first reaction is to justify and defend ourselves. Take a moment to reflect. Does the newcomer have a point?

Remember MMR: Map, Measure, Redesign


Implementing this Habit will also help you with the following High Impact Changes for Mental Health as well as with others of the 7 HELPFUL Habits:

High Impact Change 9

Optimise service user and carer flow through the service bottlenecks using ‘process templates’

As well as with…

Flow Management