15. Recruit specific Skills

Do you know what skills you need in your service to provide for your demand e.g. more Exposure and Response Prevention skills for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

How much more of this skill do you need?

Do you know what seniorities of staff you need in your service for your demand e.g. more senior grades to provide strategic leadership and supervision?

Do you know where your bottlenecks are?

Do you know the cause of the bottleneck?

If the cause of the bottleneck is a skill shortage, have you got that skill in the team, or can you train someone up or do you need to recruit?

This means prioritising skills when recruiting


Undertaking a skills demand and capacity analysis allows you to identify your need for specific skills and seniorities. This puts you in a strong position to bid for particular staff skills as you have analysed the problem in detail.

Ideas for Action

  • Ensure you know what skills you need and how much.
  • Process mapping at bottlenecks will help you understand what you need.
  • Think skills not profession.

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