Team away days

How often do you have away days?

Are they regular parts of the team annual calendar?

Do you book them all in for the year ahead?

Do you do a variety of things from training to team building?

Do different staff members take turns to organise and lead?

Do your manager and admin staff come?

You probably don't have as many as you need.


This is one of the 11 CAPA components so it is described elsewhere.

Staff need valuing and teams need to work together to manage change. Give time to manage anxieties. Generate ownership of team practice. Establish flexibility. Everyone’s ideas are valid. The main purposes of away days are to team build and involve staff. Who organises your team days? Structures that are too hierarchical and run by the team le

Ideas for Action

  • Have regular team days (at least quarterly)
  • Make the agenda a mixture of CPD, service review, team building and fun!
  • Generally have them off site so the phone doesn’t ring.
  • Consider having A&C staff attend if they wish.
  • Make sure any actions you agree are carried out!