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A range of therapeutic styles and practices are common in CAMHS, and this is strength of any multidisciplinary team. However, it can mean that it is chance as to what type of approach a family receives - more dependent on the initial therapist skill and preference than evidence or user choice. The intervention may not fit with the current best practice or even with the agreement of the clinical team as to the best practice.

This section is about… if you define what you will do,

  • you are likely to do it better and
  • you are more able to monitor progress.

There are now several areas in child and adolescent mental health where evidence exists for effective interventions, such as parent training for disruptive behaviour, stimulant medication for ADHD, cognitive behaviour therapy for depression. However, many young people we see in CAMHS have more than one problem and rarely do we see the type of case that is as ‘pure’ as in research trials! Young people and families may not want to use a particular intervention e.g. may want not want medication for ADHD. Parents and young people need to be able to make informed choices of treatments.

Care bundles are a systematic way of measuring and improving clinical care processes by grouping together interventions that are more effective if given together than alone. They are an agreed set or cluster of clinical treatments that you as a team will provide for a particular condition, based on best practice and / or local clinical opinion. Written in a clear and straightforward way, they should be quick and easy to monitor regularly.

The aim is to ensure everyone receives the best care, based on evidence or logic, 100% of the time. They are more than a care pathway or package. So important are Care Bundles, and so suitable are they for CAMHS, that we have devoted a whole Habit to them.


Implementing this Habit will also help you with the following High Impact Changes for Mental Health as well as with others of the 7 HELPFUL Habits:

High Impact Change 6

Increase the reliability of interventions by designing care based on what is known to work and that the service users and carers inform and influence

It will also help you with…

  • Extend Capacity

Care Bundles are suitable for inpatient and outpatient services.