11. Reduce unnecessary meetings

Do you decide on which referrals to accept based on clear eligibility and priority criteria? See Handle Demand.

Are your acceptance criteria clear enough for a sub-team, rather than the whole team, to decide on the outcome of a referral?

Do you have a full booking system (CAPA) so that you do not need an allocation meeting?

Do you privilege clinical discussion after the family have been seen over discussion of whether the referral should be accepted into the service?

Does each meeting you attend have a clear purpose and do you know your role there?

Do you know why all your meetings are of certain lengths and frequency and do you review this at regular intervals?

Make sure meetings are used well


Simple but incredibly effective! How often do you sit in a meeting thinking 'what a waste of my time'! Reducing unnecessary meetings means deciding does this task need to be done in this meeting; does it need these members of staff present? I.e. right people, right meeting?

Ideas for Action

  • Maximise capacity e.g. don’t have a whole team referrals/allocation meeting. Having clear eligibility and priority criteria should mean team discussion unnecessary. Ensure clinical discussion is prioritised after the family are seen!
  • Make the purpose of each meeting clear
  • Ensure that each meeting has the right people, and only the right people, in it
  • Ensure all meetings are of the right length and optimal frequency- shorter more frequent meetings may use less time than longer infrequent ones.