Anywhere CAMHS and Look after Staff

33. Team Away Days

  • Decide how often to have team days
  • Add them to the team calendar
  • Decide on a focus for each day
  • Make sure different staff members take turns to organise and lead
  • Include your manager and admin staff.

Anywhere CAMHS has a team day once every two months. Sometimes the focus is team building and fun, sometimes CPD and on others, service development.

34. Listen to, value, involve and enthuse staff

  • Timetable team discussion on items of importance that are going on within your organisation and outside
  • Pass views and ideas higher up in the organisation
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your consultation mechanisms
  • Be honest, is everyone’s point of view seen as valid, really?

Anywhere CAMHS collect written staff feedback every quarter, including about how they feel about their work, ideas for service change and these issues are discussed in the team meeting.

35. Staff job plans and annual appraisal

  • Everyone must write a job plan with their line manager to include admin time and CPD
  • Combine these into a team job plan
  • Make sure appraisals are done annually with a 6 month review to see if on track
  • Individual development plans must link with team/service development needs as well as individual development needs.

Anywhere CAMHS starts with asking everyone to write their weekly job plan and then these are shared so that it is clear what everyone is doing.

36. Encourage Team relationships

  • Organise having lunch together regularly or propping doors open
  • What could improve how your team gels?

Think about how you:

  • Get to know each other
  • Resolve conflict
  • Know each other outside working relationships
  • All understand your team culture.

Anywhere CAMHS buy a load of doorstops and allow staff to prop their door open when not seeing families or having confidential phone calls.