Process Mapping

process mapping

Process mapping is really a simple task.

It involves working out in detail each step of the journey for the patient and tracking the tasks that go alongside.

It is usually recommended that it be done in a group, perhaps drawing out the process on flip charts. Having done this the journey can be examined for key events such as bottlenecks, carve outs, batching and variability.

The Leadership guide from the Modernisation Agency on Process Mapping, analysis and redesign is useful. Download from

There are three other concepts that are useful to consider when looking at the process map. These are:

  • Hand-offs: this is the transferring of a patient’s care or journey to another professional. These can be unnecessary, cause delay and certainly make the patient feel like a cog in the machine
  • Task time: how long does it take to process each step of the journey and
  • Wait time: what is the wait for each step?