Choice diary

You can have any format you like of course. This may be in paper or electronic form.

In case it’s helpful, here is an example clinic sheet below. The key elements of this Choice diary page are:

  • The clinicians that might be at that clinic are shown in the row above each clinical slot time (i.e. it’s in their job plan to be there)
  • Each clinician has shown their availability by either circling their initials (showing available) or crossing their initials out (showing they are doing something else)
  • When service users or their family ring in the admin team enters the person’s name into the chosen slot
  • The clinician’s initials are also written into the clinic time and then they are crossed out above (to show they have been booked).

By using such a sheet we know that a clinician has seen the diary, as they have either circled or crossed out their name! If nothing shows, the admin team and other clinicians know that this particular member of staff hasn’t yet stated whether they are available that day or not. In the example, three service users are shown having chosen appointments, booked in by the admin staff. In the 1.30 pm slot RH and BP have previously shown they are not there and so only SL is free for 1.30 pm. At 3 pm SL has been booked and AD and RH are still free.

Alternatives are just having a page of rows per week with the rows allocated to days in the week. Clinicians enter their Choice offerings, one appointment per row. They specify the time they are making available.

Some teams use electronic dairies and have a shared on-line diaries.