Job Planning

Full CAPA implementation needs individual and team job plans. These two plans relate as the needs of the team, in part, define the individual’s job plan and how their skills are best used.

See the Job Planning section for details.


  • Really make sure you and the team understand the difference between Core and advanced skills and how this relates to Core and Specific work
  • A balance between Core and Specific work for most staff is a good thing – maybe something around 40% of Job Plan in Choice and Core work (this is not a CAPA rule!)
  • Do some job plans early in the implementation so staff can see these – anxiety usually falls and if not there are things to discuss
  • Really make sure everything is counted (inc travel)
  • Some teams when doing a large change often go to standard plans e.g. 1 Choice and 1 Core partnership per quarter for full timers. This is effective but can make it hard to account for other roles eg management, supervising many staff, specific tasks, groups etc. Amending these standards for each individual is probably helpful

Core Partnership Skills

Remember that you will need to map your core skills across the team so that:

  • you know you have enough core skills relative to the clinical tasks required and
  • so that Choice staff can select a suitable Core Partnership clinician when you are underway.