Where to Start?

Now you’ve got to this section and are thinking about how to start implementing CAPA, it’s helpful to begin by clarifying what you are trying to implement, what issues may arise and how can these be managed?

What to Implement?

Put in place all The 11 Key Components of CAPA, which are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Language
  3. Handle Demand
  4. Choice framework
  5. Full booking to Partnership
  6. Selecting skills to Partnership
  7. Core and Specific Partnership work
  8. Job Planning
  9. Goal Setting and Care Plans
  10. Peer group supervision
  11. Team away days.

How to manage and plan the implementation?

We think that breaking the process down to these four steps is helpful:

1. Leadership

  • Consider action plan to remove waiting list (if have one)
  • Develop action plan to implement ALL the 11 Key Components including knowledge acquisition and CAPA practicalities (use action planner guideline from www.capa.co.uk)

Reminder: Involve your service users in helping you with the implementation.

Reminder: Plan the evaluation!

Practice Point: It might help to develop an action plan to each of the 11 components perhaps after doing an analysis of where you are using the CAPA FACE (www.capa.co.uk)

2. Set Team away days

3. Individual and team job planning

4. Organise the paperwork.

Three things to do...

To ensure successful CAPA implementation, make sure you answer these three questions:

  1. How can we (the leadership team) give the knowledge about CAPA to the staff group?
  2. How can we encourage the cultural change and manage the anxiety?
  3. How can we deliver and plan the pragmatics?

Each of the 11 components of CAPA could have an action plan with each question considered and answered.