Hints for successfully implementing CAPA

We also have heard of some of the ways NOT to implement CAPA so we thought we’d also list some of those…Avoid them! They won’t work!

No Specific Partnership

Stating CAMHS has no need for Specialist sessions and demanding everyone work only in core clinics sets you up to fail. We need specialist work in CAMHS. But we also need to use it wisely and well.

Standard Job Plans

Setting the same activity number for everyone without using a thoughtful job plan will make CAPA unworkable and stressful. Take time to work out a proper team job plan that includes a realistic plan for each person.

No Full Booking

Not fully booking into Partnership allows waiting lists to develop and waiting lists are EVIL! There is no added value for the people we see to go onto a waiting list. Full booking (even if this means a wait) means they know when and who they will see and allows them to focus on working on is- sues themselves until seen. Referrers know what is in progress and when the next contact will be. Completion of long and ‘comprehensive’ assessment pro-forma’s may be unnecessary and not follow the needs of the service user. Whilst there is a certain amount of core information that you need to collect, some areas need to be explored more than others. This takes skill and experience.

Partnership may involve detailed specific assessment or it may be that sufficient assessment has been done in Choice. Every contact with a client involves assessment (including of risk) , intervention and revised formulation. Rigid separation of assessment and intervention can lead to a belief that assessment is ‘complete’. This can lead to new information not being correctly evaluated and formulations not being revised and shared.

Not enough time!

Not having time to manage change in the team and not planning things well will doom CAPA to failure! You need lots of team away days, talking together, deciding who does what. And you need a system of monitoring and revaluation of your changes. If it’s not working for you, work out why, adjust and monitor again!

Rushing the implementation without all the components properly planned and understood.

If you hear of other challenges then please let us know!