What will it mean for me?


If you are a clinician it can be hard to figure out what your job plan might look like if your team implemented CAPA. So here’s a rough guide…

The Various bits...


Let’s say you work full-time for 10 half days. Perhaps half of these will be in Choice and Core Partnership work (5 half days). So Monday afternoon could be doing Choice.

Core Partnership

In the remaining 4 half days of Core Partnership you will take on and treat new cases in a Core Pathway. Your manager will have done your capacity numbers and this will be about 10-12 new cases per quarter i.e. a bit less than 1 new appointment per week. You will have chosen when you want to do these by opting into 10-12 ‘new Partnership appointments’ in the Partner- ship diary. These are the only bits of your diary you have ‘given up’: the 1 - 2 Choice appointment on Monday afternoon and the 10 - 12 Partnership appointments i.e. about 3 appointments a week. The rest of your diary is your own!

Team Meeting

One half day of the week will be the team meeting. In that there may be a range of activities, continuing Professional Development (CPD) and perhaps small peer group supervision. This is a weekly opportunity to talk about your ongoing work. There won’t be a long whole team weekly referrals meeting, as this will be dealt with by daily screening or by a small team.

Specific Partnership

The rest of your clinical time (4 half days) will be spent either using your advanced skills in a more intense way such as CBT, systemic teams, psycho- dynamic work, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprogramming (EMDR).

Other Tasks

You may also do other things such as visiting a half-way house or Children Looked After (CLA) consultations, management, lead professional roles, local prison or Youth Inclusion Support Pan- el (YISP) meetings, supervising others or trainees etc.

Team Away days

You will have whole team away days once per quarter with an agenda set by yourselves with opportunities for learning and thinking and some fun!

What will it feel like?

Your experience of your own work is that you have manageable activity targets, which allow you to work hard but feel able to stop when this work is done. And your job plan will have a wide range of tasks in it, some of which are also developmental.

Your experience of the team will be of a learning environment as the extended core skills and the peer group supervision built in really encourage these. You will find you are working more collaboratively with service users and a huge stress is likely to be lifted, as you will have no external or internal waiting lists.