How to Introduce Partnership?

The first Core Partnership appointment is a special experience. For the client it is the second or third visit to the service and they are probably meeting someone new. They have been working on their Pre-Partnership tasks. Things have are likely to have changed somewhat.

For the Core Partnership clinician this is the first meeting. They need to work actively to ensure there is an experience of continuity from Choice. This means good preparation before the meeting and perhaps having a discussion with the Choice clinician. The small group case discussion forums can be a natural place for this to happen.

It is important to check out with the person their understanding of what happened in Choice. This gives them a chance to correct any inaccuracies or misunderstandings and to describe changes that have occurred. It is your chance to build on the work done in Choice, to get to know them better and agree a forward plan.

Language continues to be important. The emphasis is still that they have some choice in what they want and that the work is a partnership between us and them, not a one-way street.

An example

Here is an example of how the start of a Core Partnership appointment may go…

‘‘Hi, I’m Clare and I’m a XXX. Let’s find out who you all are. What would you like me to call you? I know you saw Sarah in a Choice appointment recently. She booked you in to see me in this Partnership appointment because she felt we could work well together. I have talked with Sarah and read your Choice letter so know what you thought about together, the goals you were hoping for and that there were things you were going to try at home. Today is about building on what you did with Sarah and taking things further forward. There may be some things it would be helpful to talk in more detail about. Shall we start by finding out how are things are now?”