Partnership Questions

Can I do specialist work in Core Partnership?

Yes! If you have advanced skills you will find you use them at a level that is needed (and accepted) by the client. For example, being having the ability to identify and work with core schema does not mean that every person you see needs this depth of therapy to effectively reach their goals. Being able to work comfortably with video and one way screens does not mean that you need to use these techniques to always be effective.

Can you do joint work in Core Partnership?

Yes. The average of 7 sessions that is used in the maths includes a proportion of co-work. And as the range is wide 7 appointments for the client may involve 14 clinical hours if two clinicians work together. This is fine as long as the session aver- age across the client group in Core Partnership remains around 7, which it will.

Does Core Partnership ever go on for more than 7 appointments?

Yes, for 2 reasons:

1.The first point to remember is that 7 appointments is only an average and many clients will go over the 7, and some way at that, and still be part of the distribution that produces the average of 7.

2.It may drift if goals are too broad, challenging or ill-defined. This may not be noticed early on but only become clearer with time. If this happens goals need to be reviewed, clarified or changed and further intervention provided. Such a review with the client should be done in a Choice framework (you could even consider it being done by another clinician); small group peer discussion will help the clinician to refocus the work. Consideration needs to be given as to whether a specific technique or increased intensity of work is needed i.e. a move to Specific Partnership- see below, or increased key working with the network or another block of Core Partnership using a different therapeutic modality.

Does every client need Core Partnership work?

Every client needs the key working part of Core Partnership. You may decide that this remains with the Core Partnership worker if someone else provides Specific Partnership, or you may transfer those functions to the Specific Partnership worker if that makes more sense to the service user (for instance, if they are seeing that person frequently). In this instance, the Specific Partnership worker is doing 2 types of work - Core Partnership key working and Specific Partnership intervention or assessment.

What if my Core Partnership for one service user goes on MUCH longer than the 7 appointments?

This may be just the high end of the average however for some clients and clinical situations we know that they will take more than 7 appointments (such as an adolescent girl with anorexia). Then we should have either place them in a Specific Partnership segment of your or the team’s job plan (this is the much more straight- forward thing to do) OR make some allowance in your core partnership numbers. This requires you to know the expected number of appointments and understand the maths for a Core Partnership adjustment - this may be confusing!

It may also be that this service user (one who has gone way over 7 appointments) is one we should have “Let Go” back into the system a while ago. Are the goals clear? Is the remaining work of the type we should be delivering or better done by another service?