Ghent CAMHS, Belgium: 2013


Story supplied by Eric Schoentjes, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

When started CAPA

In 2007 Eric Schoentjes, a child psychiatrist in charge of the academic child psychiatric department of the University Hospital Ghent, introduced CAPA in their department.

Service description

The university of Ghent service provides services from 0-18 years:

Liaison, Outpatient clinic, Outreach, Semi-residential, Residential

Staffing across the whole service, including residential is: in FTE (in persons)
3.3+4 Child Psychiatrists (8), 9 Clinical Psychologists (10), 0.5 Social Worker (1), 1 Speech Therapist (2), 1 Psychomotor Therapist (1), 16+1+1 Nurses (21), 2.8 Secretaries (4)

CAPA experience

The department had a highly skilled and motivated young staff group but were feeling burnt out, overloaded and there were significant waiting lists.

They started the process of service change by having a discussion group and going through the CAPA book. They had training seminars, analysed their referrals, skills and asked people what they enjoyed doing.

They did all their calculations so that they knew how much people could do and got rid of the waiting list with a Blitz. The initial changes were on intake process and Letting Go. The waiting list disappeared and flow was much improved.

In 2009 Eric contacted Ann and Steve and asked if they would visit- CAPA was running well and they wanted to help other teams in Flanders implement. Following the workshop the Ghent team focussed on Choice, engagement and empowerment of service users/Core/Specific work/even more on Letting-go.


No waiting list, diverse provision in Partnership, all staff involved in a way that suited their skills and preferences in working. Team conceptualised as ‘multifunctional’ rather than ‘sub teams’.

What do they like?

What helped?

Problems and advice?

And finally

Involve everyone! The more the merrier!