Stockport 2009

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Service description

Staffing of Tier 3 is 27 FTE. Total population 284,500 K. There is an online counselling service (

CAPA experience

Planning took 5 months - started in September 2007. Away day with clinicians and commissioners. Job planning. Developed proformas as a guide for staff. Developed Care Bundles and some Specific clinics.


Initial contact waiting times reduced from 28 weeks to 5 weeks and stabilised.

What do we like?

‘Dialogue with families ongoing from referral - enhances engagement.’ ‘Families given next appointments and a clear plan - more containing.’ ‘Paperwork streamlined.’ ‘Practitioners like Choice- can feel free to focus on need and collaboration because not constrained by having to take on to own caseload.’ ‘Partnership working between all CAMHS provision enhanced and resources shared- benefits service and family/young person.’

What helped us?

‘Whole team embraced the model and are positive about it whilst realistic about challenges.’ ‘Regular CAPA reviews with team.’

Any problems and advice?

‘need to clarify case management responsibility between Choice and Partnership.’ ‘awareness of competencies and local resources.’ Action - are planning resource packs. ‘Letting Go of Families is a key task’ ‘Ongoing monitoring of referrals and capacity.’ Action- are reviewing job plans. Planning single administration system for Tiers 2 and 3 CAMHS.

CAPA 11 Components

This is the rating scale of the 11 components of CAPA: a green light is fully implemented, amber is partial and red is not implemented.

A full implementation of CAPA! (97%)

Team photo
No. Component Score
1 Leadership 2
2 Language 2
3 Handle Demand 2
4 Choice Framework 2
5 Full Booking 2
6 Selecting by Skill 2
7 Extended Skills 2
8 Job Plans 2
9 Goal Setting 1
10 Peer Group Supervision 2
11 Team Away Days 2

A full implementation of CAPA - 97% (see CAPA-CRS)!