Problem 1: Specific CBT

There are long waits for Specific CBT by the psychologist because she is spending all her time doing psychometric assessment.

The psychiatrist orders one any time he does an assessment - an old fashioned example.

Handle Demand
Eligibility Criteria How come the psychiatrist gets to decide on the use of this Specific resource?
What’s the manager and the consultant psychologist’s view of whether this practice is effective?
Diversion Criteria Is there another agency that can offer this? E.g. educational psychology. Have they already done psychometry and can this be used?
Full Booking Are there specific slots to book them into?
Screen Referrals All referrals to CAMHS get screened with clear criteria and often by several people – perhaps this should be the case for this internal referral
Flex Capacity Not applicable as fixed and overwhelmed resource.
Extend Capacity
Know Capacity Is there a set number that she agrees will do? This will protect her other time and require some due thought about who is referred.
Follow-up focus Is there any admin support that would reduce the write up time for the WISC’s?
Standard report formats?
Extend Clinical Roles Are the enough core CBT skills in the Core team to reduce the Specific CBT referrals?
Does the team language say we need CBT skills rather than “a psychologist”?
Can any of the team be trained to do a basic psychometric screen prior to psychometry being required?
Monitor Activity How well is she used?
Let go of Families
Closing Case Variation Do others in the team close cases without psychometrics being done?
Care Plans Is this task in the Care Plan and why, and does the client feel that it would be beneficial?
Process Mapping
Process Mapping Does this step add value for the user?
Is it clear for every case how a WISC helps that service user progress towards their goals?
Should this explanation be on the psychometry application form?
Flow Management
Something to do Do you have a self- help CBT manual/CD-rom to get them started