The Choice Point

The Choice appointment is summary of the decision made in the Choice appointment. It is a combination of the desired goals and the chosen clinical method.

This is the Task Alliance.

What is an adequate Choice Point?

For us, a Choice Point is a direction of travel, a goal that orientates the work and can be later evaluated for outcomes. It can be very specific, such as to make a dog phobia manageable; complex, as being at normal weight (of course whose goal this is - is interesting!) or rather more vague, such as trying to figure out why the family argue so much. The test of a goal is - can the receiving Partnership clinician begin to work with the person rather than have to start all over again?

Of course a goal or care plan isn’t fixed: it can get changed, refined or more detailed as time goes on…

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide if offering Partnership is the right step. Here are 9 factors that can influence whether it would be helpful to offer Partnership work:

It may be interesting to think these and others through in your own team…

Choice Plus

Sometimes reaching a good Choice Point needs more than one Choice appointment. A key family member may have been absent or an individual session is needed with an adolescent. We call these appointments Choice Plus.