Demand and Capacity

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Demand and capacity theory is a key ingredient in making services work more effectively. But the first thing is to understand it and so this section of the site has all the basic ideas explained.

Some years ago Ann and I, when we did some D&C training realised all the clinical theory seemed to fit standard medical out-patients and none of it really made sense for community CAMHS services. He we wrote a comprehensive framework that could be systematically applied can called it the 7 HELPFUL Habits of Effective CAMHS.

All the early training we did for the first couple of years talked about the 7 HABITS and it was only gradually that we moved into talking more about CAPA and how to implement it.

The next part of this section are some examples of how the 7 HABITS might be in place in Anywhere CAMHS.

Finally we mention some of the other common models, describe them and link them, as they do, to CAPA.