Many services have implemented CAPA all over the world. Often very successfully. However we do hear sometimes that CAPA "doesn't work" or that services have implemented "CAPA principles".

It's our experience that implementing a part of CAPA really does not work as well for services, staff or users. The main point is that a partial implementation does not really get the philosphy going which is key to engaging users in a collaborative process and really deploying clinical skills in the most effective manner.

At a recent confrence one participant suggested we should call it CAPA-ccino! There is less coffee in it and its covered with a frothy top!

So if you want to see how your CAPA implementation has gone or whether drift has occurred since you started - fill out the the CAPA component rating scale [the CAPA-CRS]. You could also look over the 11 components of CAPA section or the powerpoint presentation.