CAPA is a model that has certain principles that we know help services who apply them. But what your service needs to do comes first. In other words define what you need to do and then use the CAPA principles to describe it. If you need a priority booking system, urgent partnerships a duty rota – fine. Calculate the time the task needs, consider the skills and put it in the individual and team diaries. We never want to hear "Well CAPA won't let us do that"!

There are two interesting terms in Lean Thinking: these are push and pull.


A push system is where the pre-planned service is pushed towards the user. This reduces flexibility and service user choice.

In these terms CAPA is meant to be a pull system. This is where the clinical skills and resources are pulled towards the service users according to their needs and wishes. They don't have to have the whole service structure everytime just the bits they need at that moment.


The same is true for services using CAPA: pull the ideas towards what you need to do and don’t push a rigid idea of what CAPA is onto your service needs.