The Core Partnership Multiplier

The multiplier we recommend is 3. In other words, for every weekly Core Partnership half day (of 3.5 hours), a clinician should begin 3 new Core Partnerships in a quarter (3 month period).

Multiplying these 3 half days by the Core Partnership multiplier of 3 means he needs to see 3 x 3 = 9 new Core Partnership clients each quarter.

Why 3?

We work it out this way…

  1. In a 13- week quarter, staff only work around 11.25 weeks due to leave etc. (remember that we assume that out of 52 weeks a year we only work 45. So 45 divided into 4 quarters is 11.25)
  2. We also assume that in each half day a clinician can offer 2 clinical appointments
  3. So, for one half day across a whole quarter, staff can offer 11.25 (days) x 2 (appointments) = 22.5 appointments
  4. We know in CAMHS each family and young person averages 7.5 appointments or less in Core Partnership (see above)
  5. And so 22.5 appointments divided by 7.5 appointments equals 3 complete interventions (on average)
  6. So those 22.5 appointments mean that 3 children and young people, on average, can be seen and treated in the capacity provided by one half day in a 3-month period.

This is used to work out how much new Core Partnership you can do.

How to use the Core Partnership Multiplier?


Look at each clinician’s job plan - how many half- days or hours do they have for Core Partnership once Choice, Specific and other work, the team meeting and other commitments have been accounted for?


Either multiply that number of half days by the Core Partnership multiplier to give the number of new Core Partnership appointments each clinicians should offer each 13 week quarter (3 month periods) or

Multiply that number of hours by 0.86. This is the hours converted to half-days - divide by 3.5 (to get to half days) and then multiply by the Core Partnership multiplier of 3.

So 3 divided by 3.5 = 0.86 = the Core Partnership hours multiplier.

The answer gives the number of new Core Partnership appointments each clinician should offer each 13 week quarter.

Why use a 13-week quarter?

We find it gives staff enough flexibility to choose when they do the new Core Partnership appointments. It fits with most activity reporting cycles.

Does 3 work for all teams?

We think this number will work for most services however, if your local audit suggests that:

  • You cannot offer 2 appointments per half day, perhaps due to long travelling times if you are very rural
  • You need significantly more than 7.5 appointments per service user in Core Partnership (e.g. perhaps for learning disability teams)

Then reduce the Partnership Multiplier to less than 3.