Step 1: Drafting out

The simplest place to start is with our current plan. This may need some amendments, such as adding the right number of Choice appointments but it helps to have something to work off.

So either start with a list or print one off or draw a grid to sketch out the week on. Go through the week day by day and decide what type of activities you do and how long you spend on each of them.

Particular points

  1. It may be that all your clinical activity is merged into one with no separation into different activity types. For your CAPA capacity plan you now need to decide how much of this clinical activity is going to be Core Partnership and how much in different Specific Partnership segments. This can all be amended later if needed.
  2. Now put any existing new assessment time / capacity in. This may be amended later in Step 2 when planning Choice appointments across the whole team.

As a reminder here are the activity types

  • Choice
  • Core Partnership
  • Specific Partnership
  • Supervision / supervising Team meetings Management
  • Research / audit
  • CPD
  • Other Tasks
  • Travel
  • Lunch

So a list might look like this…


8.30 – 12.30 Specific Partnership - ADHD

12.30 – 1pm Travel

1pm to 1.30pm Lunch

1.30 – 4pm Choice work

4pm – 5 pm Big Admin


9am to 12.30 Core Partnership

And so on…