Step 3: Reviewing the Core - Specific Balance

This is not the final time job plans may be looked at. When job planning for the first time when implementing CAPA, you are making your best guess. There may be more detailed adjustments required after the capacity of the team has been calculated in Step 6.

CAMHS example: we find that for a standard tier 3 CAMHS team that about 40% of the whole team capacity in Choice and Core Partnership feels about right. This might be higher if you include the Big Admin into this percentage. If you allocate more work than this the Specific Partnership tasks and intervention segments feel squeezed. And the service gradually feels less comprehensive.

One thought...

Broadly clinical staff with skills that are in short supply in the team (relative to the demand for that skill) are more likely to spend a higher the percentage of their job capacity plan deployed to Specific Partnership segments using advanced skills.