Step 4: Calculating Core Partnerships

OK, you now know many Choice appointments you need based on the accepted referrals and you feel the balance of Core and Specific Partnership work seems about right for the team members. Now you are going to work out how much Core Partnerships each clinician can offer based on their job plan.

For each clinician, identify the number of half days (or hours) they have available for Core Partnership work

Then multiply the number of half days left by 3 (the Partnership Multiplier). The result gives the number of new Core Partnership clients each clinician should see in a 13-week quarter.


Andrew Down is systemic therapist with the job plan below. This involves a number of meetings, specific work, YOT consultation, Choice and 3 free half days for Core partnership.

Samle job plan

He has 3 free half days so 3 x 3 = 9 Core Partnerships per quarter

So Andrew will write his name 9 times in the Core Partnership diary for the next quarter. He will choose the times and days he offers and in which weeks.

In Hours

For many clinicians the number of half days for Core Partnership may not be a whole number so you can work from hours instead. Simply multiply the number of hours by 0.86 to get the Core Partnership new activity rate for a 13-week quarter. (You can use 0.86 because first we convert hours to half days by dividing by 3.5 and then multiply by 3 as before: 3/3.5=0.86.)

Practice Point: the changes in IT systems and electronic patient records may mean that a higher percentage of time needs to be deployed to admin and thus the multipliers reducing further