Step 5: Big Admin

Admin is a continuous pressure alongside keeping up with our clinical work. We recommend as part of CAPA that each member of staff has an amount of extra admin in their diary that we call Big Admin. This is to recognise that in each clinical half day there is admin time around the clinical contacts but that this often isn’t enough and a little more needs adding. We find that for each 3.5 hours of Core Partnership time (1 half day) there should be an additional half an hour of Big Admin some time in the week.

A CAPA standard is that a Core Partnership clinical half-day has two face to face contacts of one hour each. This “uses” 2 hours, leaving 1.5 hours for basic or “little” admin, phone calls, writing up notes, letters etc. This half-day generates another half hour of admin (finishing off that letter, finally getting hold of that teacher on the phone…) to be added as Big Admin sometime else in the week plan. So each clinical half-day needs a sup- porting 30 extra minutes of Big Admin.

There are three ways to add the Big Admin time.

Method 1: Broad Brush

The simplest, “broad brush” method is to count the half days of Core Partnership and add half an hour of Big Admin to the job plan for each half day (3.5 hours).

Method 2: Add Admin

One maths way, “add admin”, is to count the number of hours in Core clinical work and then find 1/7th as many again and allocate this time to Big Admin.

Once you have calculated the Big Admin time we recommend you then round it to a reasonable number, say no less than 15 minute units.

So… we aim for 1/8th of Core Partnership time to be big admin. Calculate how many hours of Big Admin and take that out of the Core Partnership time and what’s left is now the Core Partnership.

Adding Big admin time
Hours Core Partnership Extra Big Admin needed (minutes)
and so on…

Example: David has 13 hours of Core Partnership in his job plan. This means he needs 86 minutes (from 10 hours) plus 26 minutes (from 3 hours) = 112 minutes of Big Admin i.e. a bit less than 2 hours. [Don’t plan it to the minute! Round it up or down.]

The only downside to the above approach is that once the job plan is planned you now have to find space for the Big Admin.

Method 3: Virtual Admin

Another way, “Virtual Big Admin”, is to identify the Core Partnership time, work out how much needs to be Big Admin, then reducing the available Core Partnership time by the Big Admin, and then redo the Core Partnershp activity calculations. In other words the Big Admin is accounted for in the planned Core Partnership time.

To calculate the Big Adim time divide the time for Core Partnership by 8 and this is the time that will be removed for Big Admin. The Core Partnership number will be calculated from this reduced time.

Example: Emma has 7 hours in her job plan for Core Partnership work. She hasn’t yet planned any Big Admin. 7 hours are 7 x 60 = 420 minutes. Divide by 8 = 52.5 minutes. The Core Partnership will be worked out from 6 and a bit hours. Emma can put the Big Admin in her plan as 50 minutes (in Core Partnership time) if she likes to know that  it will be, say, on tuesday morning or she can not enter it, knowing it has been accounted for across all her work.

Maths note: a 7:1 ratio is the same as 1/8th!

Specific Partnership Big Admin

The admin demand of Specific Partnership work varies widely depending on the particular intervention or pathway. Because of this it is better to plan the required extra Big Admin for each Specific Partnership pathway according to need.

Factors that might influence this are, for example, the amount of report writing required and liaison with the network.